Mind, Body, and Spirit through Dance Ep. 1 Connecting Dance and Spirit

Mind, Body, and Spirit through Dance": is a black dance documentary film that shines a light on my experience as an MFA student teaching the first West-African dance course offered at the University of Michigan while taking Dunham technique with Madam Penny Godboldo Fall semester 2019. With the ambition to conduct deeper investigations, this documentation shows both these dance techniques have been crafted for the mind, body, and spirit of the dancer. As innovations are made in the predominately white space at U of M, you will see interviews and hear the voices of Madam Godboldo, students, dancers, and musicians in regard to their experience with the Dunham technique and West-African dance. From the words of the late Baba Tahuti AnkhmenRa Amen "It is important that we as African Americans document everything that we do in order to shift the negative narratives that have been used against us to disband, discriminate, and objectify us."


"An Honoring of Thyself"

Imani Ma'at AnkhmenRa Amen, Choreographer, and Curator
Ni'Ja Whitson, Faculty Advisor 

An Honoring of Thyself is an extended celebration of the life of Baba Tahuti AnkhmenRa Amen. Through a series of dance and music traditions composed of diverse cultural backgrounds, we discover the many ways we come to honor our ancestors the ones who guide, protect, teach, and love us.

Special Guest Artists: Marwan Amen-Ra, Ayesha Barnardo, Bara M' Boup, Lusiganan Bastien, Betti Johnson-Guerra, Akinlana Kwesi Williams, Ran Tan, and Azteca Xochipilli

Dancers: Nikki Altidor, Nohely Gomez-Arroyo, Itztli- Xochitl Arteaga, Jazz Daughtrey, William Feldon, Selom Gbewonyo, Jahzara Garbutt, Samuel Briseno-Jimenez, Stella Ohakamnu, and Xaier Patrick


"The SuNu Legacy" 

Independent Study Film Project 

Imani Ma'at AnkhmenRa Amen, Director & Choreographer 

The SuNu Legacy is an independent mini-doc curated by Imani Ma'at AnkhmenRa Amen. This project explores the rich West African dance and drumming community that is known to UCR's dance department. This documentary shares the personal testimonies of new generation dancers and how they embodied and honored the legacy of SuNu through story-telling, song, and dance. Through their uplifting venture,  they make discoveries about their ancestry while becoming the first group of students to present a traditional West African dance piece in the annual UCR is Dancing cohort concert.


"A Message To The Oppressor"

I find myself always feeling as if this is only just a horrifying dream...

But instead, I open my eyes every day once again to realize that this is my reality and that you just want me to deal with it.

So many questions ponder in my head as I try to figure out why I'm such a threat to you.

I'm not sure why the mel·a·nin in skin offends you? Or how I could walk into a room and you immediately look at me with despair and disgust in your eyes.

All because you hate me and can not humble yourself to ac·knowl·edged a thing about bout me.

I ask the questions... Why don't you see the value in my life oppressor? Why am I not worth it to you? 

For I have value and I have the right to do the same things as you do.

What is it! What is it! What is it that makes you hate me? Tell me, oppressor...

Let me guess you can't because there is honestly no real reason behind your hate other than the magic I possess...

Unfortunately, I've come to the understanding that I may never know why you are against me

but I want you to know something Oppressor...

I matter and I deserve a chance at life and at true freedom.

And not just some put together plan that was created to rob me from my worth and to disarm me from the power that lies deep within me...

I hope when you see this it makes you feel uncomfortable...

For what you have done has divided All of us from one another and we have forgotten our true mission on this earth of loving one another...

And oppressor Although you hate me, I want you to know that I do not hate you and I will not resort in treating you how you treat me and my people...

I've decided to truly free my spirit from you completely by not letting you have power over me!

*I choose love because it is all I have to give and I hope that one day you will do the same oppressor... 

-Imani Ma'at AnkmenRa Amen 2016